We set about developing a fresh look and feel for the website that would immediately grab people’s attention, by creating a completely responsive website along with a new visual identity and brand strategy

How we integrate
York Mobile View
Designed Website for 4K Display

Developed a trendy website that looks even better on high-end screens due to its 4K resolution compatibility. The unique 4K optimization offered greater image quality and was a hit in the industry

Integrated Tools in an Enterprise Portal

A proprietary tool was developed that integrated the portal with ERP, making the website self sufficient for customers

Established a Unique Web Identity

Along with a new look and feel of the website, we developed their digital marketing and created a strong identity for them to build upon

Project Development

Post detailed discussions, we understood that being a leader in fine furnishings York had an established market base, and they were looking at revamping their website. With this in mind, we went on designing a website that was contemporary, stylish and reflected the brand’s identity

We proceeded to develop a website that was completely responsive and compatible with high-end screens having 4K resolution display. The layout looked amazing and lead to optimum viewing experience regardless of the device

A Multiplatform Ordering System was also developed for the company, which integrated the portal with ERP and enabled self service for customers. This allowed the company to focus on other important areas of operations

Along with creating tools for ERP that resulted in better management, we developed a spectacular website which enhanced the brand more visually appealing, therefore making it gain more recognition.

Client Testimonial

We have partnered with TAILWEBS on a number of projects. Their expertise, insight, and responsiveness have always been exceptional. In today’s business world where your relationship with your client is only as strong as the trust you have in your production partners…you want to have TAILWEBS on your team