Though every project is unique, for us it always starts with one thing – we want to know everything about the company:
Where it all started. Where the company wants to go next. What are its values, and who are the customers.
Luckily, we’ve got a process to fulfill this curiosity.

Discussion of Idea

The purpose and principles of the startup and product is properly defined in this phase, along with the stages of product creation. The idea is to discuss and define the target market, study competitors, suggest best practices, and decide when the product is expected to be completed. The process involves brainstorming, generating unique ideas and presenting them to the client.

Project Planning

This stage involves discussing the project plan and the planning process with the client. All important details about the project is taken into consideration to better understand the purpose and overall vision of the customer. The process provides guidelines for various milestones, resources required, and activities at every stage of product development.

Designing and Development

The design and development stage involves taking into account the latest trends, finding issues and suggesting solutions. The phase spans across a two-weeks Sprint cycle, in which we ensure that a set of features are given to the client every week for testing. At the end of each Sprint, we do a retrospective show and tell for the client.

Agile Software Development

We consider Agile methodology as the most viable process, as it embraces change and allows development to adapt to the business strategy. An iterative and incremental approach reduces the lead time from idea conception to production.

Thorough Quality Analysis Check

After the product is developed, we go through one of the most important processes, i.e. Quality Analysis. It’s not just limited to whether the product looks good, or that the click of button takes you to the right place; we make sure that the graphics, page type and even the meta tags are accurate. This stage involves ensuring that the end product meets customer specifications, by the product being tested, reviewed, and the improvements made.

Full Fledged Launch

The final step in our Startup Software Development is product launch. Figuring out different ways of marketing the product is done simultaneously throughout the different stages. A variety of marketing techniques are employed to make sure that the right message is communicated through the right medium.