Our aim was to create a modern, design-based website and state-of-the-art application for the company, that offers an improved user experience

How we integrate
Rumors Mobile View
Setting up of a Business Process Flow

We set up a strong and streamlined business process flow – whether it was creating sales opportunities or assisting customers through support issues

First Fabric Rendering App in Textiles & Furnishings

We developed first of a kind application with Texture Mapping Software, which enabled customers to test the design platter and finalize products conveniently

Rumors App Experience

Rumors became the first company in the Indian market to bring this technology to their customers. With just a click, buyers could choose the desired fabric and watch it transform into the final product

Custom Backend Portal

We provided services that spanned development of custom backend layers and optimization of existing systems, along with Android, IOS and Web portal development

Project Development

Discussions with the client led us to understand that they were looking at developing a stylish website that showcased their products and facilitated the needs of their clients. They also wanted a mobile application to showcase their collection and make their presence felt through all electronic platforms

We developed their brand by styling the website to give it an edgy and luxurious feel. By working on their content strategy we ensured that the product was able to deliver the right message to its audience

Their web design revolved around UX and it was further enhanced by focusing on design palettes, depth of patterns and quality of fabrics

We further went on creating an application for them with Texture Mapping Software, which enabled customers to choose from the company’s design platter and finalize products by comparing them with their home setup

Client Testimonial

We have partnered with TAILWEBS on a number of projects. Their expertise, insight, and responsiveness have always been exceptional. In today’s business world where your relationship with your client is only as strong as the trust you have in your production partners…you want to have TAILWEBS on your team