With focus on UI/UX Designing, our web design process includes dynamic designs coupled with easy navigation. Long talks,
strategies, iterations and combinations make up the final visual experience.

Client Consultation and Project Evaluation

The first step is client consultation, which involves determining the requirements and specifications of the website to help you understand the scope of the project. In most cases the process starts through our online form. We may scribble on a napkin or two as we get to know your business and understand the functionality and feel that you are looking for.

Planning and Design Research

The second stage involves planning and design research. One of the most crucial steps and extremely important for a successful design project, it requires understanding the target audience, competitors and objectives of the company. The phase involves working on a proper site map and flow of content, create story boards and gather all information.

Information Architecture and Wireframing

Wireframes outline the components and general layout that a design should include. It is a combination of whiteboard sketches, diagrams and wireframe prototypes. The step gives us a good idea on the flow and how the site pages should be laid out. Also, it ensures that all of the important data and expected elements are in place. Once the process is completed, it is reviewed for accuracy and used as the basis for designing layouts.

Actual Designs

This stage involves designing the graphics and mock up, keeping in mind the industry, target audience and preferences. Multiple design concepts are discussed before finalizing the design.


Once the design concept is chosen the same is integrated and we work on the development and production of the website. In this phase, images and content are added into every page of the website.


After the final approvals and testing, the website is launched. We handle additions, enhancements and requests of any kind for changes in the website, and make sure that things stay up to date.