Our focus is towards delivering quality apps by identifying the right intersection between what the users want and what
your business offers. Therefore, with a set of streamlined and efficient methodologies we’ve created
our app development process that produces predictable results in a short amount of time.


Understanding your vision and requirements is our first step towards creating an exceptional mobile app. By listening and asking questions, we try to get a better perspective into your niche, market, mobile initiatives and goals.


This stage involves laying down a roadmap for your mobile product. Immediate as well as long-term requirements of the app are determined. The ultimate goal of this phase is to make sure that the business objective is captured, along with the right design and mobile technology.


In this stage, we try and create an interactive visualization of the app. We create wireframes that explain major scenarios on how the user will interact with the product. Once the wireframes are done, the mockups are sent to you for feedback.


This stage involves sending the customer a design questionnaire so that we have an idea about what the client is looking for in terms of the visual aspects of the app. This gives us a good idea of the client expectations and enables us to create the right look and feel. We ensure that the app looks equally good on different resolution mobile screens. For the creation of app design, we can use your current branding style or create a completely new one, including the images, color scheme, typography and logos.


Once the design is approved, our developers follow the project plan and start with the app development. Once finished, the project is offered to you for review and testing. If required, we can also work on additional features and functionality.


At this stage, we go through the wireframes and all the specifications worked out in the earlier phases. We ensure that your app performs flawlessly on every mobile platform – iOS, Windows and Android. Once the app is thoroughly tested, you can be sure that it’s features, user-experience and look is maintained across the mobile app ecosystem.


Once you are happy with the product, it is released in Google Play marketplaces and Apple App store.


Based on market feedback you might end up wanting to improve the app, and we will be there to help with the new features, functionality or platform updates.